Analyze file sizes of rollup bundled imports

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rollup-config-analyzer NPM version js-standard-style Dependency Status

Mad metrics for your rollup bundles, know all the things


See what's bloating your bundle, how treeshaking has treated you, and other great stuff. Perfect for console printing an analysis of your bundle or integrating in your CI workflows.

Comes in two scrumptious flavors:


Adding as a plugin to your rollup config or build script will allow you to print a well formatted analysis to the console upon bundling or get a full analysis object for CI purposes.


If using Rollup's CLI to bundle with no additional config, pass -c node:rollup-config-analyzer to print a well formatted analysis to your console.


$ npm install --save-dev rollup-config-analyzer


rollup -c node:rollup-config-analyzer -f cjs -o index.js module.js


Something like this will be logged to stderr on bundle completion

Rollup File Analysis
bundle size:    2.809 KB
original size:  11.384 KB
code reduction: 75.33 %
file:            \test\fixtures\import-d.js
bundle space:    90.64 %
rendered size:   2.546 KB
original size:   2.57 KB
code reduction:  0.93 %
dependents:      1
  - \test\fixtures\import-c.js
file:            \test\fixtures\bundle.js
bundle space:    4.27 %
rendered size:   120 Bytes
original size:   267 Bytes
code reduction:  55.06 %
dependents:      0
file:            \test\fixtures\import-c.js
bundle space:    2.95 %
rendered size:   83 Bytes
original size:   161 Bytes
code reduction:  48.45 %
dependents:      1
  - \test\fixtures\import-b.js


MIT © Andrew Carpenter