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💛 You can help the author become a full-time open-source maintainer by sponsoring him on GitHub.


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esbuild is by far one of the fastest TS/ESNext to ES6 compilers and minifier, this plugin replaces rollup-plugin-typescript2, @rollup/plugin-typescript and rollup-plugin-terser for you.


yarn add esbuild rollup-plugin-esbuild --dev


In rollup.config.js:

import esbuild from 'rollup-plugin-esbuild'

export default {
  plugins: [
      // All options are optional
      include: /\.[jt]sx?$/, // default, inferred from `loaders` option
      exclude: /node_modules/, // default
      sourceMap: false, // by default inferred from rollup's `output.sourcemap` option
      minify: process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production',
      target: 'es2017', // default, or 'es20XX', 'esnext'
      jsx: 'transform', // default, or 'preserve'
      jsxFactory: 'React.createElement',
      jsxFragment: 'React.Fragment',
      // Like @rollup/plugin-replace
      define: {
        __VERSION__: '"x.y.z"',
      tsconfig: 'tsconfig.json', // default
      // Add extra loaders
      loaders: {
        // Add .json files support
        // require @rollup/plugin-commonjs
        '.json': 'json',
        // Enable JSX in .js files too
        '.js': 'jsx',
  • include and exclude can be String | RegExp | Array[...String|RegExp], when supplied it will override default values.
  • It uses jsxFactory, jsxFragmentFactory and target options from your tsconfig.json as default values.

Declaration File

There are serveral ways to generate declaration file:

  • Use tsc with emitDeclarationOnly, the slowest way but you get type checking, it doesn't bundle the .d.ts files.
  • Use rollup-plugin-dts which generates and bundle .d.ts, also does type checking.
  • Use api-extractor by Microsoft, looks quite complex to me so I didn't try it, PR welcome to update this section.

Use with Vue JSX

Use this with rollup-plugin-vue-jsx:

import vueJsx from 'rollup-plugin-vue-jsx-compat'
import esbuild from 'rollup-plugin-esbuild'

export default {
  // ...
  plugins: [
      jsxFactory: 'vueJsxCompat',

Standalone Minify Plugin

If you only want to use this plugin to minify your bundle:

import { minify } from 'rollup-plugin-esbuild'

export default {
  plugins: [minify()],

Optimizing Deps

You can use this plugin to pre-bundle dependencies using esbuild and inline them in the Rollup-generated bundle:

  optimizeDeps: {
    include: ['vue', 'vue-router'],

This eliminates the need of @rollup/plugin-node-modules and @rollup/plugin-commonjs.

Note that this is an experimental features, breaking changes might happen across minor version bump.

TODO: Maybe we can scan Rollup input files to get a list of deps to optimize automatically.




MIT © EGOIST (Kevin Titor)