RxJS operator to filter a tag using globbing syntax

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  import rxBytag from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/rx-bytag';



An RxJS operator to provide very lightweight "channels".

This wraps the Rx filter operator to perform succinct matching using light shell-style glabbing syntax. The whole package consists of three, small functions.

This provides two things:

  • A lightweight way to create a "by convention channel" in an Rx stream by sending an object payload with a tag attribute.
  • A very lightweight hierarchical namespacing syntax using simple strings. Each "level" in the slash-delimited string provides an additional level of specificity.


import {byTag, sendAction} from 'rx-bytag';
Rx.Observable.prototype.byTag = byTag;

var Dispatcher = new Rx.Subject();
var send = sendAction.bind(Dispatcher);

var sub = Dispatcher.byTag('foo/*/baz')
    .subscribe(x => console.log(x);

send('foo/bar/baz', {bar: 'Bar'});
// => {tag: 'foo/bar/baz', data: {bar: 'Bar'}}

// With currying for easy use in callbacks.
send('foo/bar/baz')({bar: 'Bar'});
// => {tag: 'foo/bar/baz', data: {bar: 'Bar'}}

Related Projects

  • The Rxmq.js project provides much more robust channel functionality and uses a far more granular filtering syntax.