translated/localized stringfiles containing messages from Sails core and dependencies

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Localized stringfile containing messages used in Sails command-line interface and runtime.

This project is an early-stage work in progress to make all strings used in Sails humanLanguageAgnostic. That includes console messages, comments in generated code files, and even errors. This is a big project, but just one small part of the effort towards making Sails more accessible to non-native English readers/speakers.

How This Module Works

  • Environment variables are used to determine a user's locale. (defaults to English)


// From Sails core, an adapter, a generator, a hook, or some other dependency:
var STRINGFILE = require('sails-stringfile');

// Internally, this module runs node's native `util.format()` method,
// so you can also template strings:
var localizedMessage = STRINGFILE.get('', ['myApp', {some:'stuff'}, 'more stuff'])

// Then, appropriate msg is brought in auf deutsch, espanol, traditional chinese, english, etc.


Current language support targets are:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Traditional Chinese
  • German

(please send a PR if you have a request and we'll add it to this list!)

How Can I Help?

  • The existing strings need to be pulled out of log messages and errors in:
    • sails core
    • anchor core
    • waterline core
    • sails-generate-*
    • sails-hook-*
    • sails-adapter-* (adapters)

See the complete list of modules here:

  • Code comments and other support files (like README) in newly generated sails modules (or a new project) should be pulled out into the generator scope and brought in using the same mechanism. This is only relevant for generators:

    • sails-generate-new
    • sails-generate-frontend
    • sails-generate-backend
    • sails-generate-views
    • sails-generate-gruntfile
    • sails-generate-controller
    • sails-generate-model
    • sails-generate-generator
  • A stringfile needs to be created in the locales in this repository for each language we want to support, mapping the string keys to a reasonable log message in the target language (the English stringfile is a good reference to see how a particular type of message should be worded, etc.).


MIT c. Mike McNeil 2014