A minimalist MySQL Model extension

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A minimalist MySQL Model extension for Sand.js


  1. Create a model for a table
// your first model (i.e. /models/User.js)
var User;
module.exports = User = require('sand-mysql-simple').Model.extend({
    table: 'user', // this is the only required parameter

    values: function() {
        return {
            user_id: 1,
            email_address: ''

    getById: function(id, callback) {'user_id', id, function(err, row) {
            if (err) {
                return callback(err);
            var userModel =;
            callback(null, userModel);

    save: function(callback) {
        // this calls your .values() function above, and collects all the non-null properties together into an Array with a corresponding query string that has placeholders ready to use with node-mysql2 (which is what sand-mysql uses)
        var insert = this.getInsert(); 
        // note that you need to use 'sand-mysql'
        sand.mysql.query(insert.query, insert.values, function(err, result) {
            if (err) {
                return callback(err);
            callback(null, result);

    // creates a model from a db row
    createFromRow: function(row) {
        var user = new User; = row.user_id; = row.email_address;
        return user;
  1. Use it in your app
var mysqlSimple = require('sand-mysql-simple');

// initialize your sand instance
var sand = require('sand')();

    .use(mysqlSimple, {modelsPath: __dirname + '/models'}) // use mysqlSimple
    .start(); // start your sand app

var myUserId = 1;

// now use your models
sand.mysqlSimple.models.User.getById(myUserId, sand.log);