Take a screenshot of a codebase

Usage no npm install needed!

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Want a screenshot of a codebase? Want to compare the size of two codebases visually? Here ya go.


npm install -g screenshot_codebase

If you don't have npm, install node to get it.

Basic Usage

  • screenshot_codebase
    • Creates output.png with a screenshot of the current directory, travelling downwards, with standard excludes, the default midnight theme, and automatic highlighting turned on.
  • screenshot_codebase -h off -c midnight -o final.png
    • Creates final.png with highlighting turned off, in the midnight theme


  • -a allow cosmetic padding
  • -c color theme
  • -f font
  • -h auto|off|
  • -l location to start from
  • -o output filename
  • -r recursively scan downwards (default true; accepts 0/1, true/false, on/off, y/n)
  • -s font size (default 4px)
  • -t type override comma-separated list of key/val pairs for ext = lang (eg for perl vs prolog as .pl)
  • -w word wrap at n (negative means crop instead)
  • -x exclude comma-separated list of extensions
  • -1 single image screenshots (treats -o as a directory to create name instead)