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Secret-Trove ClI

Easily share secrets and env files with other developers in your team.

This is a CLI tool which is supported by the portal at:

Though it protects the secrets through ACL, the files are not encrypted. I would highly recommend encrypting your files if you are worried & then decrypting them again after they are received.


The CLI is only meant to speed up development and onboarding of new devs. DO NOT USE PRODUCTION SECRETS & ENV FILES with it. This is meant purely for development only!


npm i -g secret-trove


yarn global add secret-trove


These steps only need to be done once.

Step 1:

Go create an account at Create an organization and then a project. Add your developer secrets to the project(s) and update their paths so that the CLI knows where to place them.

Step 2:

Log in to your account through the CLI so it can know your orgs and projects.

secret-trove --login

Step 3:

Go to the root directory of one of your projects and run init. This will create a .secret-trove.json file that identifies the project. This can be committed to the repository safely as it does not contain any credentials. Do this once for every project you want to use the CLI with.

secret-trove --init


Just use the sync option and it will pulldown all the development secret and env files.

secret-trove --sync

Please use the help command to learn about all the options that this tool provides.

secret-trove --help