Angular table

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Semi Table

Another great semi plugin is released, a table (aka grid) for angular 2+

Major Features

  • Lightweight, easy to use.
  • No css encapsulation.
  • Built in latest angular version. This table consist of a good features that will help you when developing a data grid widget, it's depend on native table element right now and extend the other plugin ideas and features, with less pain when writing a table


npm install semi-table --save

import { SemiTableModule} from 'semi-table';

Container for data



dataSource your data source e.g:: [{id:1, name: 'semi'}]

classes class to applied to table element directly

Table header, just a wrapper around the <th> and has no effect

<semi-table-head></semi-table-head> <th></th> the normal th, with additional attr filterable that take the key of the column to filter upon it, see the demo for more details

Table actions.


this put in first column after the first header row, typicaly don't use this without filteration of columns, and this required to put th in the first row, you'll need this column for action tools or checkbox ...etc please see the demo for more details

Demo is here

better documentation will be available soon, "sorry for that"

Future features

  • Row density
  • Fixed header and footer
  • Expandable Rows
  • Quick view side bar
  • Sortable Columns
  • Custom filter