Get the diff type of two semver versions: 0.0.1 0.0.2 → patch

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Get the diff type of two semver versions: 0.0.1 0.0.2patch


$ npm install semver-diff


import semverDiff from 'semver-diff';

semverDiff('1.1.1', '1.1.2');
//=> 'patch'

semverDiff('1.1.1-foo', '1.1.2');
//=> 'prepatch'

semverDiff('0.0.1', '1.0.0');
//=> 'major'

semverDiff('0.0.1-foo', '1.0.0');
//=> 'premajor'

semverDiff('0.0.1', '0.1.0');
//=> 'minor'

semverDiff('0.0.1-foo', '0.1.0');
//=> 'preminor'

semverDiff('0.0.1-foo', '');
//=> 'prerelease'

semverDiff('0.1.0', '0.1.0+foo');
//=> 'build'

semverDiff('0.0.1', '0.0.1');
//=> undefined

semverDiff('0.0.2', '0.0.1');
//=> undefined


semverDiff(versionA, versionB)

Returns the difference type between two semver versions, or undefined if they are identical or the second one is lower than the first.

Possible values:

  • 'major',
  • 'premajor',
  • 'minor',
  • 'preminor',
  • 'patch',
  • 'prepatch',
  • 'prerelease',
  • 'build',
  • undefined


  • latest-semver - Get the latest stable semver version from an array of versions
  • to-semver - Get an array of valid, sorted, and cleaned semver versions from an array of strings
  • semver-regex - Regular expression for matching semver versions
  • semver-truncate - Truncate a semver version:

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