Easy static site generator

Usage no npm install needed!

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An easy system for generating (and local development of) static sites, using variables and templates.


$ npm install -g serenity

Note: may require sudo to install globally!


$ serenity

Running the serenity command will immediately start watching the current directory and build the site within ./_site. It will also serve the site on localhost:4000.


Short Long Description
--no-server If specified, no server will be started and the process will exit after generating the site.
-p --port Number. Specify the port for the server to use, defaults to 4000.
-v --version Print the current version of serenity
-a --asset_host Define an asset host (such as a CDN) for all compiled assets
-l --live_load Generate assets on the fly as they're requested, rather than generating the entire site every time there's a change (default: false)
-w --watch Watch the current directory for changes and regenerate (default: true)
-c --convert Boolean. Default false. This will attempt to convert a Jekyll static site into a Serenity one. Very beta. BEWARE!

Configuration options can also be specified in a file named serenity.js in the root of your directory. Usage and options for this can be seen in the defaults.js file