A plugin for the serverless framework to build lambda code using rollup

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Welcome to serverless-rollup-plugin 👋

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A plugin for the serverless framework to bundle lambda code using rollup


yarn install serverless-rollup-plugin


Add the plugin to your serverless config:

  - serverless-rollup-plugin
  - ...any other plugins

Under the custom property, add a section for rollup. The only required property to run rollup is the config property:

    config: ./rollup.config.js

For each function that you would like to use rollup option, just define the handler option as normal. You can optionally define the dependencies property as a list of packages to be installed in the node_modules folder in your lambda.

  handler: src/functions/testFunction/index.handler
    - aws-xray-sdk-core
    - some/glob/**/*.pattern

Using Yarn

By default if you specify function dependencies npm will be used. You can override this by setting the installCommand property, like this:

    installCommand: yarn add

Add Global Dependency

If you want to add a dependency for every lambda function (for example adding source map support), you can add them to the rollup dependencies property:

      - some-package-name

Output Options

If you don't specify output settings in your rollup config, the following defaults will be used:

  "format": "cjs",
  "sourcemap": true

Adding Sourcemap Support

You can easily get your lambda stack traces to show correct file/line information using the source-map-support package. To use this with the serverless-rollup-plugin, first install the package and add it to the universal dependencies:

      - source-map-support

Then in your rollup config, set the output banner to install it:

export default {
  output: {
    format: "cjs",
    sourcemap: true,
    banner: "require('source-map-support').install();"

If you do specify output settings, they will be used and only the file property will be overwritten.

Copying Resource Files

To copy a static file into your function deployment, use the copyFiles parameter. This parameter is an array of glob pattern strings, or objects with the following properties:

Name Required Description
glob Yes A glob pattern
srcBase No Part of the path that will be removed from the destination path
destination No Destination path within the lambda's directory structure


👤 Ben Force

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Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!

Feel free to check issues page.

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