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Serverless Swagger API

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This is a serverless plugin that simplifies the process of creating an AWS API Gateway from a swagger file.


yarn add --dev serverless-swagger-api


Lambda Functions

You must manually create your own lambda functions in the serverless configuration. Once the methods are created, they will be referenced in the swagger file.

Swagger File

Add a x-lambda-name property to every path method to bind a part of the api to a lambda.

      x-lambda-name: TestPathLambdaFunction

CORS Configuration

Add a x-cors property to the path you want to add CORS options responses to.

    x-cors: true

If you want to specify a specific attribute, provide one of the following properties

Property Description Default
origin A string specifying allowed origins *
headers An array of headers to be allowed Constructed from the parameters property of every path method
methods An array of methods to be allowed Constructed by looking at all methods defined for a path

Plugin Settings

Now you need to tell the swagger api plugin about your configuration file. Add a swaggerApi property to the custom section of your serverless configuration. You can add as many apis as you want by adding children to the swaggerApi.apis property.


Will automatically update API gateway deployments if not set to false.


The info.version value in your OpenAPI file will be overwritten with the version in package.json.


An object containing all of the APIs to be defined in this stack.

    updateDeployments: true
    usePackageVersion: true
        Name: ${self:provider.stage}-${self:service}-PrimaryApi
        Body: ${file(./some-swagger-file.yaml)}
        Lambda: ExampleLambdaFunction
        Stage: dev

Each API object has the following properties

Name Required Description
Name Yes Name of the API that will be used as the Name parameter when creating the AWS::ApiGateway::RestApi CloudFormation object
Body Yes The swagger/openapi file that defines the API
Stage Yes The name of the API Gateway stage that will be created
Lambda No Default lambda name that will be used if x-lambda-name isn't provided on a path

Created Resources

IAM Roles

An IAM role is created for each API with the name PrimaryApiServiceRole


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