Middleware for service discovery using seneca in cloud foundry

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Service-discovery-pcf is a middleware, which helps to discover other available services in cloud foundry at runtime. The library checks for all services heaertbeat in cloud foundry with environment node and cache in services for 30 minutes.


Although the library scans for all services, but will only show those services matching the patterns and cache in . This is done to enhance performance by not caching unrelated services.

The package is not reliant on seneca but is a substitute for seneca-mesh which does not work with cloud foundry and can scan for services at run time.


npm install service-discovery-pcf



Service-discovery-cf accepts options which can contain objects domain user and password. However, this is optional as it can also read from manifest file properties process.env.DOMAIN,process.env.NAME,process.env.PASSWORD


Accepts seneca standard patterns/pins in an array format [{pin:'cmd:test'}]


A complete example can be found in the example folder.

const Service = require('service-discovery-pcf');

const service = new Service({ domain: '', name: '', password: '' });

app.use(service.find([{ pin: 'role:test' }]));

seneca.client = seneca.client(args.request$.clientUrl.get('role:test'));
seneca.act('role:test,cmd:test', callback);