SDK for Shahry Payment Gateway

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Shahry Payment SDK : NodeJS

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this SDK provide single method getPaymentLink that generates a URL for processing payment with shahry payment gateway.

Before starting

Before starting, this library depends on some Environment Variables that need to be presented before usage.

all these parameters should be presented by Shahry

  • SH_MERCHANT: Shahry's merchant ID
  • SH_SECRET: merchant's Secret key.
  • SH_ACCESS_CODE: merchant's secret access code.
  • SH_PAYMENT_GATEWAY: URL for shahry payment gateway.

Get Started

  • include the library npm i shahry-sdk
  • import the library into your code const {getPaymentLink} = require('shahry-sdk');


getPaymentLink (amount, merchantTxnRef, returnUrl)

  • amount: the order amount in EGP.
  • merchantTxnRef: unique payment order id identified by merchant.
  • returnUrl: the URL to redirect back after success or failure.