2d geometric objects and operations - including intersections, booleans, and transformations

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A 2d geometry library written in Typescript.



You can install shapetypes with npm:

npm install shapetypes

A quick example

import { Point, Polyline, Polygon, Rectangle, Vector } from 'shapetypes';

// Create a triangle
const triangle = new Polyline([new Point(0, 0), new Point(1, 1), new Point(2, 0)], true);
// => 1

// Test to see if a point is inside
const testPoint = new Point(1, 0.5);
// => True

// Move the triangle and see if the point is inside
const shifted = triangle.translate(new Vector(3, 4));
// => False

// Create a rectangular polygon
const rectangle = new Rectangle(Plane.worldXY(), 10, 20);
const polygon = new Polygon(rectangle.toPolyline());
// => 200

// Cut the triangle from the polygon
const result = polygon.difference(triangle);
// => 199

Try on Runkit (note: Runkit is in Javascript rather than Typescript).

If you're coming from Rhino

If you've used Rhino, the Shapetypes syntax should feel familiar. There are a couple of important differences though:

  1. There are no 3d functions – this library is just for 2d geometry.
  2. All geometric objects are immutable, meaning they can't be changed after they're created. Rather than modifying an object, you can create a copy with different parameters. This can often be done through helper methods that have 'with' as a prefix, such as Point.withX (see example below).
import {Point} from 'shapetypes';

// Create a new point at 3,4
const p = new Point(3,4);

// Access the x parameter
// => 3

// Try to change the x parameter 
p.x = 5;
// => This will throw an error since objects can't be modified after they're created.

// Instead, create a copy with a different x value.
const newPoint = p.withX(5);
// => 5


  • Rhino3dm: A web assembly port of openNURBS. This is a much more extensive library that supports 3d geometry.
  • VerbNurbs: A cross-platform Nurbs library that compiles to javascript.
  • Javascript Topology Suite: A javascript library of geometric operations primarily for GIS data.
  • Turf JS: Another javascript library of geometric operations primarily for GIS data.


Package based on Typescript Starter. Booleans via the Polygon-clipping library. This project is not affiliated with Rhino3d or McNeel in any way.


MIT License