Add a .inspect method to ShellJS objects for REPL use

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Build Status npm shelljs-plugin

A ShellJS plugin to add custom REPL inspection for ShellJS output. This turns hard-to-read ShellString objects into nicely formatted text (resembling what the actual unix commands would output).


$ npm install --save shelljs
$ npm install --save shelljs-plugin-inspect

Tip: If you want to use this plugin (and more REPL goodies), check out my project n_shell to get a REPL with ShellJS loaded by default!


Here's what ShellJS looks like by default in the REPL:

> // Before this plugin: hard-to-read ShellString objects
{ [String: 'These are the file contents\nAnd they\'re printed out nicely!\n']
  stdout:'These are the file contents\nAnd they\'re printed out nicely!\n',
  stderr: null,
  code: 0,
  cat: [Function: bound ],
  head: [Function: bound ],
  tail: [Function: bound ],
  to: [Function: bound ],
  toEnd: [Function: bound ],
  sed: [Function: bound ],
  sort: [Function: bound ],
  uniq: [Function: bound ],
  grep: [Function: bound ],
  exec: [Function: bound ] }


> // After this plugin: nicely formatted text!
> require('shelljs-plugin-inspect');
These are the file contents
And they're printed out nicely!


> shell.pwd();

Writing ShellJS plugins

If you're interested in taking a look at the current state of the ShellJS plugin API, take a look at index.js. This has helpful comments explaining the necessary boilerplate for writing a plugin. For an example usage of the plugin, take a look at test/test.js.