Toolkit for using data in JavaScript.

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Shelving: toolkit for using data in JavaScript

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Shelving is a toolkit for using data in JavaScript and TypeScript, including:

Note: The 1.x branch of Shelving is in active development and is not observing semver for breaking changes (from 2.x onward semver will be followed).

  • Schemas (validation)
  • Databases (via providers including in-memory, Firestore, IndexedDB)
  • Querying (sorting, filtering, slicing)
  • State (events and state)
  • React (hooks and state)
  • Helpers (errors, arrays, objects, strings, dates, equality, merging, diffing, cloning, debug)


Install via npm or yarn:

npm install shelving
yarn add shelving

Import from Skypack CDN (the ?dts enables TypeScript types in Deno):

import { Database } from "";
import { Database } from "";


Shelving is an ES module supporting import { Query } from "shelving"; syntax and can be used natively in systems/browsers that support that (e.g. Chrome 61+, Deno, Node 12+).

Shelving does not include code for CommonJS require() imports, so using it in older projects will require transpiling.


Shelving is created from small individual modules which can be imported individually (using e.g. import { addProp } from "shelving/object). Modules marked with are also re-exported from the main "shelving" module.

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