Allow users to give feedback with highlighted screenshots

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<script type="module">
  import shotify from '';



This library helps you build a feedback form similar to Google.


This library uses html2canvas built by [Niklas von Hertzen himself. The entire screenshot is created on the client side using vanilla Javascript. The rendered image may not be 100% accurate but should be fine for sending feedback.


Supports almost all ECMAScript 5 compliant browsers.


<script src=""></script>


npm install shotify

// or

yarn add shotify



  import Shotify from 'shotify';

  const shotify = new Shotify({
    previewContainer: this.$refs.previewContainer as HTMLElement


Below are the options you can pass during booting up of Shotify.

Option Type Required Description
previewContainer HTMLDivElement Yes HTML Div element that act has placeholder for preview canvas
dialogContainer HTMLElement No Modal container that holds your feedback form
update Function No Callback event listeners
classes Object No Class names to be applied for elements controlled by shotify
html2canvasOptions Object No html2canvas library options


Below are the classes that points maps to the UI elements controlled by Shotify

  • highlight - Highlighted sections
  • blackout - Blackouted sections
  • toolbar - Wrapper class for toolbar containing highlight and blackout options
  • toolbar_action - Wrapper class for actions used inside toolbar
  • toolbar_action_highlight - Highlight toolbar action class
  • toolbar_action_blackout - Blackout toolbar action class
  • toolbar_action_done - Done toolbar action class
  • grippy - Class used for grippy section of the toolbar
  • grippy_icon - Grippy icon for the toolbar
  • remove_action - Wrapper class for remove action
  • remove_icon - Class for remove icon of the user marked sections
  • alert - Alert Info class used for showing toolbar alert message


Below are the events that are emitted during the life cycle of the Shotify

  • processing
    • Shotify is preparing the feedback screenshot
    • You can use this event to show loaders as this may take a while. Depends on the complexity of the page
  • drawing
    • User has selected to highlight/blackout areas of the page
    • You can use this event to hide the feedback modal for example.
  • processed
    • Feedback image is ready to be used.
    • You can use the payload image data being passed to be sent to the server.


  • init()

    Mounts the Shotify. Shotify will create DOMs needed to capture the user feedback screenshot.

  • destroy()

    Will destroy Shotify instance. Though modern browsers will remove listeners attached to deleted DOMs it is a best practice to call this method when your feedback component is being destroyed so that there is no memory leak


Shotify includes Typescript definitions.


Inspired by Niklas von Hertzen


MIT © Bharathvaj Ganesan