Automatically find dependent projects for the specified package.

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Automatically find projects dependent on a particular package.


To check the dependent projects of a particular package the Shoulder binary can be invoked via npx and supplied a package name:

npx shoulder fugl

If you wish to easily perform the check on a module being developed locally, you can execute shoulder in the checked out repository and supply "." as the package name to cause reading the package.json file:

npx shoulder .

devDependencies via Libraries.IO

By default, Shoulder uses dependents information from npm. One limitation of this data is that it only includes information about modules listed as direct depedents.

In order to fetch devDependencies, the tool is also integrated with Libraries.IO. Signing up for this tool will provide you with an API key which can be used with Shoulder as follows:

npx shoulder fugl --librariesio <api_key>


By default, the tool outputs project names in a JSON format suitable for piping directly into fugl. A simple list is also possible using a command line switch:

npx shoulder -l fugl


Shoulder supports a number of methods for determing the popularity of the dependent packages. The chosen metric is used to order the dependent packages in descending order of popularity.

Defaults to downloads


Use npm downloads statistics over the last week.

npx shoulder unexpected --metric downloads


Use the total number of repository stars on GitHub.

npx shoulder unexpected --metric stars