Model driven GraphQL API framework

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Shyft is a server-side framework for building powerful GraphQL APIs.


  • convert data model into a GraphQL API
  • CRUD query/mutations out of the box
  • flexible extension of mutations
  • sync data model with database and provide migrations
  • complex data fetching with multi-level filters
  • offset/limit and cursor-based pagination
  • extremely dynamic permission engine based on roles and data lookups
  • workflows (finite state machines) with fine-grained control over access and input fields
  • extensible with custom queries and mutations (actions)
  • internationalization (i18n) included
  • generate mock data based on data type or custom functions
  • input validation with any validation framework
  • derived fields
  • hooks (pre- and post-processors)


With yarn:

yarn add shyft

or using npm:

npm install -S shyft

GraphQL is a peer dependency. Install it with:

yarn add graphql


Run once:

yarn run test

Run in watch mode:

yarn run test-watch

Integration Tests

Run once:

yarn run test-integration

Run in watch mode:

yarn run test-integration-watch