Application-flow graphing for simflux

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Application-flow graphing for simflux. Still in early stages of development, but fully functional. Here's what it looks like...



  • build:

        npm install
  • Manually Load unpacked extension (chrome://extensions/) using this repo's devtool/ dir in chrome.

  • Optionally, you can directly include simflux-viz-bundle.js in your project which will ensure that all actions (including actions dispatched during application startup) are recorded. If you don't include simflux-viz-bundle.js it will be loaded on-the-fly directly from rawgit.

  • Open your page which uses simflux

  • Open devtools and click simflux tab

  • Refresh the page, and you should see simflux-viz loaded in the console in orange

  • Now every time an action occurs in the application, you will see a flow chart generated in real time.


simflux flow charts can help developers quickly grasp the underpinnings of an application.


By combining zone.js with the predictability of Flux architecture we can easily abstract application flow. simflux-viz uses zone.js and monkey patches the simflux library in order to record application flow in real-time.


  • This project borrowed a lot from devtools-extension project