SimpleGrammar define parsers.

Usage no npm install needed!

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SimpleGrammar define parsers.


Via npm on Node:

npm install simplegrammar


Reference in your program:

var sg = require('simplegrammar');
var get = sg.get;
var peek = sg.peek;

There are rules, that process string input:

var rulefor = get('for'); // the word 'for'
var ruledigit = get('0-9'); // digits
var ruleaorb = get(['a', 'b']); // an array is an 'or'
var ruletwodigit = get('0-9', '0-9'); // two digits

An array means an option: the rule accepts one of the elements.

More than one parameter is a sequence: the rule accepts the sequence.

The rule can process a string:

var result = get('for').process('for'); // result is 'for'
var noresult = get('for').process('if'); // noresult is null

But in general, the rules are invoked by a parser.

var parser = sg.createParser(text, [rulefor, ruledigit, ... ]);

A parser has an array of rule to execute.

There are peek rules to get an element, but without removing it from the parser process:

var rule = peek('for'); var rule2 = get('for'); var parser = sg.createParser('for'); // without rules, invoke the rule directly rule.process(parser); // success, it detects 'for' rule2.process(parser); // success again, it detects and remove 'for'

TBD: explain other rules (generate, not, oneOrMore, zeroOrMore, zeroOrOne, ...) and more examples


git clone git://
cd SimpleGrammar
npm install
npm test




Projects that use SimpleGrammar:



  • 0.0.1: Published
  • 0.0.2: Published. Refactor TransformRule to process an array
  • 0.0.3: Published. Peek element (like get but without removing the element from the parser)
  • 0.0.4: Published. Fixing push array bug in parser
  • 0.0.5: Published. Delimited by character rule
  • 0.0.6: Published. zeroOrOne rule
  • 0.0.7: Published. skip in ElementRule, fix parser push
  • 0.0.8: Published. Internal push refactor, to parse = and ==
  • 0.0.9: Published. Elements with value == null
  • 0.0.10: Published. log, fail, not functions. Parser with log options




Feel free to file issues and submit pull requests � contributions are welcome<

If you submit a pull request, please be sure to add or update corresponding test cases, and ensure that npm test continues to pass.