Slack slash command handler for Jira. Get quick info on a Jira ticket right from Slack.

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Command handler for slack-slash that makes it easy to get quick info on a Jira ticket right from Slack.


Once installed and configured you can type /jira [ticket] into Slack and it will respond like this:

Slack Response


  1. Configure slash-command integration in Slack. More info
  2. Clone and install slack-slash
  3. Run npm install slack-slash-jira --save inside your slack-slash directory
  4. Configure handler in handlers.json
  5. Set the environment variable for your Slack token


In order to use slack-slash-jira as part of slack-slash, you need to add an entry for it inside handlers.json.

Config Object Properties

command:  @{String} slash command typed into slack, ie. ('/jira')
pkg:      @{String} module name to require
tokenVar: @{String} environment variable where slack token for slash command is stored
options:  @(Object) options to pass to the handler


// handlers.json
    "command": "jira"
    "pkg": "slack-slash-jira",
    "tokenVar": "slack_slash_jira_token",
    "options": {...}

Options Object Properties

slack-slash-jira requires the following options:

jira:             @{Object} jira options and authentication
jiraIssueRegEx:   @{String} regex to use for matching ticket numbers
                            must be escaped to work properly
jiraIssueBaseUrl: @{String} base url for accessing your jira tickets


"jira": {
  "protocol": "https",
  "host": "",
  "port": 123,
  "user": "jirauser",
  "password": "password",
  "apiVersion": "2",
  "verbose": true,
  "strictSSL": false
"jiraIssueRegEx": "/(^[a-z]+)(-?)(\\d+$)/i",
"jiraIssueBaseUrl": ""