Slack standup script. Uses nice formatting to post a daily status to a slack channel.

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Slack Standup

Slack standup is a script to make a daily status report easy using slack. When the whole team uses this, it gives a nice overview of what everyone is working on without taking time to actually do it in person which many find disruptive.

Table of Contents


See etc/example.yaml for what the standup looks like

example image

Release log

Version 3.0.0

  • dropped supprot for JSON
  • swiched over to using slacks web-api
  • removed emdash at start of lines to be something special
  • use 1. markdown syntax now for numbered lists
  • now allows for threadded slack updates

Version 2.0.0

NOTE: slack-standup follows XDG directory specification


  1. npm install slack-standup -g

  2. Go to to create your slack token for use. (NOTE: patch is welcome for the new oauth)

The above step is outdated. I don't know how to get a slack token anymore. They've made it really complicated. If you find out, tell me.

  1. create $HOME/.config/slack-standup/slackrc.yaml

    • properties:
      • slack_token - slack token from above
      • channel - channel you wish the post to go to
      • user - slack user to post as (default: env USER)
      • editor - editor to use to post (default: env EDITOR)

    example slackrc.yaml:

    slack_token: xoxp-9152601...
    channel: "#blah"
    user: daniel
    editor: nvim # or code -w ... etc
  2. Sublime and VS Code Editor

    • Note you must use the -w (--wait) option with the editor.
  3. TMUX Sessions

    • If you use tmux and sublime (or atom) you need to reattach the editor, you may have to install reattach-to-user-namespace. On newer versions of tmux, this shouldn't be necessary.

Tips and tricks

  1. Automatic Conversions:

    • Stars (*) at the start of lines are converted to bullets
    • Hash (1.) at the start of the lines are converted to automatically numbered lists
  2. Comments in standup YAML file:

    • # commented lines are ignored and not ported to the next day
  3. Today to Yesterday:

    • When used daily, Today's lists are automatically appended to Yesterday's list. It will check posts for 7 days
  4. Update Standup:

    • Re-run, edit and save; it will update the post with the new data
  5. Delete Standup:

    • You can do it via the application or
    • Re-run, change 'live' to false and quit; it will remove the post
  6. Threaded:

    • create a thread: top-level field to respond to any thread in any channel. Get it by using slack's copy link in the UI.

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