Slack Helpers for AWS Lambda

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Slack Helpers for AWS Lambda


// You need to provide the URL for your Webhook endpoint (or just the token)
var webhookUri = "<some long token>";
var slack = require("slambdack")({
    webhookUri: webhookUri
// See:
//   -
//   -
var message = {
    username: "slambdack", // optional: overrides the default webhook username
    channel: "#my-channel", // optional: overrides the default webhook channel
    text: "*Hi, there, _friend_!*",
    attachments: [
            fallback: "Hi, there",
            text: "*Hi, there!*",
            mrkdwn_in: [ "text", "fields" ],
            fields: [
                    title: "Message",
                    value: "*Hi, there, _friend_!*"
                    title: "Post time",
                    value: slack.formatDate(new Date()), // formatted like: "01 Jan 1969 at 12:00:00 GMT"
                    short: true // short-width fields allow you to stack fields side-by-side
slack.notify(message, function (err, response) {
    // maybe do something


notify(message<Object>, cb<Function>)

Posts the message to Slack.


Returns date formatted like: "01 Jan 1969 at 12:00:00 GMT".


By default, we log stuff to stdout. This exposes that log function.

This is useful on AWS Lambda because it's the only way to get logs into your Cloudwatch logs. Set process.env.SLAMBDACK_SILENT to something truthy to disable this output.

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