Slonik interceptor preset.

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Slonik interceptor preset.


Slonik functionality is extendable using interceptors. Each interceptor is contained in a separate package. Installing and configuring each interceptor becomes a tedious task when using Slonik across multiple projects. slonik-interceptor-preset provides a factory function (createInterceptors) for constructing a collection of selected interceptors.

slonik-interceptor-preset installs these presets:

Name Description
slonik-interceptor-field-name-transformation Transforms Slonik query result field names.
slonik-interceptor-query-benchmarking Benchmarks Slonik queries.
slonik-interceptor-query-logging Logs Slonik queries.
slonik-interceptor-query-normalisation Normalises Slonik queries.

Each interceptor can be selectively enabled/ disabled (see API).


import {
} from 'slonik-interceptor-preset';

 * @property benchmarkQueries Dictates whether to enable the [query benchmarking interceptor]( (Default: false)
 * @property logQueries Dictates whether to enable the [query logging interceptor]( (Default: true)
 * @property normaliseQueries Dictates whether to enable the [query normalisation interceptor]( (Default: true)
 * @property transformFieldNames Dictates whether to enable the [field name transformation interceptor]( (Default: true)
type UserConfigurationType = {|
  +benchmarkQueries: boolean,
  +logQueries: boolean,
  +normaliseQueries: boolean,
  +transformFieldNames: boolean

(userConfiguration: UserConfigurationType) => $ReadOnlyArray<InterceptorType>;

Example usage

import {
} from 'slonik';
import {
} from 'slonik-interceptor-preset';

const connection = createPool('postgres://', {
  interceptors: [