Maps urls to simplified strings usable as filenames

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Converts urls to simplified strings

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slugify-url maps urls to a sanitized string that can be used as a filename and serves as a good mnemonic of the original url even though it is not reversible


  • It skips the protocol and user/password if provided part from the URL (http:// or https:// or ://:@ )
  • It maps slashes to !
  • Unless a unixOnly option is given it maps all windows invalid chars to !
  • It collapses multiple !'s to a single !
  • It omits ending !'s
  • It truncates the URL to 100 chars
  • It includes an optional options argument that allows the user to override the behavior
    • slashchar char used to replace slashes - default !
    • maxlength default 100
    • skipprotocol default true
    • skipuserpass default true

For example


npm install slugify-url