My slush generator for NodeJS + ReactJS + Flux with Isomorphic JavaScript support

Usage no npm install needed!

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Slush generator for NodeJS + ReactJS + Flux with Isomorphic support

All written in ES6-7 with babel support

Contain the following major frameworks/components:

After clone/download this repo run:

  • npm install -g slush-node-react-iso
  • slush node-react-iso

After answer all questions, and install all NPM's run:

  • gulp init
  • gulp build-all
  • cd dist/server
  • node app.js

Than go to your browser and run:

p.s. Your-selected-domain and your-selected-port is what your choise during the slush installation


* The generator just built quick-and-dirty, need to improve more and will change serioucly from time to time (if i'll have time:), so consider it as 85% ready to use..