A very lightweight and simple artificial intelligence chatbot package with multiple language support!

Usage no npm install needed!

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SmartestChatBot is a quick way to easily make your own Chat Bot which can reply in multiple languages!

This package is just for Entertainment Purpose.



📝 Example Discord Bot

Quick Example


// Importing The Package
const smartestchatbot = require('smartestchatbot');

const client = new smartestchatbot.Client();{message:"Hello, How are you?", name:"SmartestChatbot", owner:"CoolOwnerName", user: Cooluniqueuserid-in-number, language:"CoolLanguage"}).then(reply => {
// The module will reply based on the message!

Typescript supported! Example: (Coming Soon!)

A clean and tidy list of the currently supported languages:

Language Name Language Code
Automatic auto
Afrikaans af
Irish ga
Albanian sq
Italian it
Arabic ar
Japanese ja
Azerbaijani az
Kannada kn
Basque eu
Korean ko
Bengali bn
Latin la
Belarusian be
Latvian lv
Bulgarian bg
Lithuanian lt
Catalan ca
Macedonian mk
Chinese Simplified zh-CN
Malay ms
Chinese Traditional zh-TW
Maltese mt
Croatian hr
Norwegian no
Czech cs
Persian fa
Danish da
Polish pl
Dutch nl
Portuguese pt
English en
Romanian ro
Esperanto eo
Russian ru
Estonian et
Serbian sr
Filipino tl
Slovak sk
Finnish fi
Slovenian sl
French fr
Spanish es
Galician gl
Swahili sw
Georgian ka
Swedish sv
German de
Tamil ta
Greek el
Telugu te
Gujarati gu
Thai th
Haitian Creole ht
Turkish tr
Hebrew iw
Ukrainian uk
Hindi hi
Urdu ur
Hungarian hu
Vietnamese vi
Icelandic is
Welsh cy
Indonesian id
Yiddish yi


Made by Lebyy_Dev.
Fighter for Justice 2.0#6693 For making the translations possible.

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