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JavaScript client for the sncf API. Complies with the friendly public transport format. Inofficial, using endpoints by SNCF. Ask them for permission before using this module in production. Work in progress.

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npm install --save sncf


This package contains data in the Friendly Public Transport Format.


Using sncf.stations, you can search train stations operated by SNCF.

const stations = require('sncf').stations


Returns a Promise that will resolve in an array of stations in the Friendly Public Transport Format which looks as follows:

        type: "station",
        id: "FRMPL",
        name: "Montpellier Saint-Roch (Occitanie)"
    // …

journeys(origin, destination, date = new Date(), opt = {})

Using sncf.journeys, you can get directions and prices for routes from A to B. origin and destination can be station ids or FPTF station objects.

const journeys = require('sncf').journeys

const frankfurt = 'DEFRA'
const lyon = {type: 'station', id: 'FRLYS'}

journeys(frankfurt, lyon, new Date(), {duration: 24*60*60*1000})

defaults, partially overridden by the opt parameter, looks like this:

const defaults = {
    duration: 6*60*60*1000  // searches for journeys in the next 6 hours starting at 'date' (parameter). Warning: Spawns multiple requests, may take a couple of seconds for longer durations!
    direct: false,  // direct connections only
    class: 2, // one of [1, 2]
    via: null, // station code or object
    language: 'fr',
    country: 'FR', // probably influences price currency (?)

Returns a Promise that will resolve with an array of journeys in the Friendly Public Transport Format which looks as follows. Please note that the results are not fully spec-compatible since arrival and departure Date strings don't contain the station timezones, because the API doesn't provide this information.

        type: "journey",
        id: "3c9cb584-c16a-43ca-84fa-f89a610e9d82",
        legs: [
                origin: "DEFRS",
                destination: "CHAJP",
                departure: "2018-03-27T04:02:00+01:00",
                arrival: "2018-03-27T07:20:00+01:00",
                line: {
                    type: "line",
                    id: "401",
                    name: "Train 401",
                    mode: "train",
                    vehicleType: "ONL",
                    services: [],
                    operator: "OE"
                operator: "OE",
                schedule: "defrs-2018-03-27t04-02-00-01-00-chajp-2018-03-27t07-20-00-01-00"
            // …
        price: {
            amount: 86,
            currency: "EUR",
            fares: [
                    price: {
                        amount: 121,
                        currency: "EUR"
                    model: "SEMIFLEX",
                    appliedDiscount: 0,
                    passengers: [
                            clientId: "0",
                            travelerId: null,
                            price: 121,
                            age: "ADULT",
                            fidelityCard: "NONE",
                            fidelityPoints: null,
                            promoCodeType: null,
                            fareInformations: [
                                    fareName: "TARIF NORMAL ADULTE",
                                    fareCondition: "Billet remboursable sans frais jusqu'à 15 jours avant le départ, avec une pénalité de 50% à partir de 14 jours et jusqu'à 1 jours avant le départ. Billet non remboursable à partir de 1 jours avant le départ.",
                                    fareCode: "AFAD",
                                    fareSpecificRule: null,
                                    fareSequence: null,
                                    cosLevel: null,
                                    returnMandatory: false,
                                    passengerType: "PT00AD",
                                    classOfService: "B",
                                    segmentId: 6,
                                    passengerClientId: "0",
                                    promoCodeApplied: false,
                                    fixedPriceCuiQuotation: false,
                                    fakeFare: false
                                // …
                            passengerType: "HUMAN",
                            encartedPrems: false,
                            specificSeatRequired: true,
                            hanInformation: null,
                            promoCodeApplied: false
                    animals: [],
                    bookingFee: {
                        amount: 5,
                        type: "FDD"
                    bicycle: false,
                    placementOptions: true
                // …
        isRealTime: false
    // …

See also

  • FPTF - "Friendly public transport format"
  • FPTF-modules - modules that also use FPTF


If you found a bug, want to propose a feature or feel the urge to complain about your life, feel free to visit the issues page.