A simple wrapper for SNCF API

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This is a simple wrapper for the SNCF (French National Railways Company) API. -> for more info on the API itself

Getting started

Terminal : install from npm

npm install sncf-api


// import the wrapper
var SncfApi = require("sncf-api");

// set credentials

// create a request with req(), fill it (here with the listNetworks instructions), when your request is good, use build() then execute()
SncfApi.req().listNetworks().build().execute(function(err, resp){
  // err is null if everything went good

Chained instructions

// to list arrivals in a given networks
SncfApi.req().withNetwork('given-network-id').listArrivals().build().execute(function(err, resp){
  // err is null if everything went good

You can chain every type of the following list :

  • Networks
  • Lines
  • Routes
  • StopPoints
  • StopAreas
  • Departures
  • Arrivals
  • CommercialModes
  • PhysicalModes
  • Companies
  • Places
  • PlacesNearby

For every type, you have 2 instructions :

  • list
  • with

eg : for the Lines type, you can use listLines() or withLine()