Customizable snowflakes for your site. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import snowflakes from '';




Customizable snowflakes for your site, HO! HO! HO!


npm install snowflakes


JS Script

<script src="dist/snowflakes.min.js"></script>
    snowflakes.init(/* { you can pass an options object here } */);

ES6 Import

import { init } from "snowflakes";
init(/* { you can pass an options object here } */);


import snowflakes from "snowflakes";
snowflakes.init(/* { you can pass an options object here } */);

CommonJS require

let snowflakes = require('snowflakes');
snowflakes.init(/* { you can pass an options object here } */);


  • background: Snowflakes background. It can be any CSS background property. Default value: 'rgba(150,150,200,0.8)'
  • borderRadius: Border radius for round corners. Default value: '10px'
  • width: CSS Property. Default value: '5px'
  • height: CSS Property. Default value: '5px'
  • boxShadow: Shadow for the snowflakes. CSS Property: Default value: '1px 1px .5px rgba(0,0,0,0.8)'
  • zIndex: CSS Property. Default value: 10
  • addSnowflakeFrequency: Frequency in milliseconds for adding new snowflakes. Default value: 800
  • moveSnowflakeFrequency: Frequency in milliseconds for moving the snowflakes. Default value: 50
  • removeSnowFlakeFrequency: Frequency in milliseconds for removing the snowflakes that are out of the screen. Default value: 1000
  • horizontalSpeed: Speed for the horizontal movement in pixels: Default value: 1
  • horizontalMovement: Max offset in pixels for the horizontal movement. Default value: 10
  • verticalSpeed: Speed for the vertical. Default value: 1
  • maxSnowflakes. Max count of snowflakes in the screen. Default value: 200


You can see snowflakes in action here