Easily setup and query APIs from the major social networks, in a single package. if you are searching for a way to login users and obtain auth tokens, see social-login instead.

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Social API

Social API is a NodeJS library that makes it easier to query various social sites' APIs.


The support is currently limited, due to the project being under development.

The syntax, method names and parameters names are not stable.

Push requests are welcome.

We partially support:

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Github


npm install social-api

var socialApi = require('social-api');



var page = new{
    appid:		"App ID",
    appsecret:	"App Secret",
    uid:		"User UID",
    authtoken:	"user Authtoken"
}, function(pageInstance) {
    pageInstance.list(function(fbpages) {
        // fbpages is an array of facebook pages owned by the user


var instagram = new socialApi.instagram({
    clientId:        "App ID",
    clientSecret:	"App Secret",
    token:	        "user Authtoken"
}, function(instagramInstance) {
    instagramInstance.recent(function(pictures) {
        // pictures is an array of pictures posted by the user


var twitter = new socialApi.twitter({
    consumer_key:           "consumer_key",
    consumer_secret:	    "consumer_secret",
    access_token_key:       "access_token_key",
    access_token_secret:	"access_token_secret"
}, function(twitterInstance) {
    twitterInstance.timeline('username', 20 /*count*/, function(tweets) {
        // tweets is an array of tweets posted by the user
    twitterInstance.followers('username', 20 /*count*/, function(followers) {
        // followers is an array of the user's followers


var github = new socialApi.github({
    token:	        "user Authtoken"
}, function(githubInstance) {
    githubInstance.repositories(function(repositories) {
        // repositories is an array the user's repositories
    githubInstance.orgs(function(orgs) {
        // orgs is an array the user's organizations
    githubInstance.gists(function(gists) {
        // gists is an array the user's gists