A node wrapper around SongKick API

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A node.js wrapper around songkick's API.


Install using npm:

    npm install songkick-wrapper

Or clone the GitHub repo:

    git clone


After installing/cloning the module, you can open a node console:


and import the module:

    var Songkick = require("songkick-wrapper");

If GitHub repo was used then:

    var Songkick = require("PATH TO YOUR INSTALLATION");

Create an instance of SongKick using the factory method passing your API key:

    var songKick = SongKick.create("<YOUR API KEY>");


The returned results

SongKick responses have the following structure:



The module returns the 'resultsPage' skipping the outer wrapper object for convenience. See below:



For more details documentation, have a look at the API's reference

You can request an API key at songkick's website.

Feel free to add/change/use the module in anyway you want. :D


Copyright (c) 2015 Suhail Abood