Spawn commands in a cross platform manner. Good spawt!

Usage no npm install needed!

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spawt('npm run x') instead of spawn(npm.cmd, ['run', 'x'])

Quick Start

npm install spawt
var run = require('spawt')

run('npm run build')


In the Node world there are two key ways to run child processes spawn or exec.

One is more convenient (exec) while one doesn't overflow your buffer, and protects you from command injections.

spawt gives you a convenient exec like API but uses spawn under the hood. It also will try some common (and customizable) file extensions to try if the initial file can't be found on your path.

spawt also returns the underlying child_process object, so you can listen to error and message events as if you want to do it manually.

spawt will add the extension .cmd on windows automatically, and use no extension on any other os. This is inline with npm's standard bin generation feature.


spawt(command: String, options: {})

  • command The command to run (e.g. npm run whatever)
  • options Options to pass to the underlying child_process object

Returns child_process

Launches a new process with the given command.

The second argument is used to specify additional options, with these defaults:

{ cwd: undefined,
  env: process.env

Use cwd to specify the working directory from which the process is spawned. If not given, the default is to inherit the current working directory.

Use env to specify environment variables that will be visible to the new process, the default is process.env.

And we're done!