Smart Spinner Helper for React

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Smart Spinner Helper for React

demo animation of spin-delay

There are a few annoyances when working with spinners. Network request can be so fast that rendering a spinner does more harm than good. Why render a spinner when loading the data only takes like 50ms?

This can be fixed by adding a delay. Only show the spinner when the request takes longer than 200ms for example. And what happens when te request takes 210ms? Right, we see a spinner for 10ms. This flicker can be annoying.

spin-delay solves these issues by wrapping your booleans, and only returning true after the delay, and for a minimum time of minDuration. This way you're sure that you don't show unnecessary or very short living spinners.


Sandbox -> https://codesandbox.io/s/spin-delay-jlp2c


With npm:

npm install --save spin-delay

With yarn:

yarn add -D spin-delay


The examples below use the following data object:

import { useSpinDelay } from 'spin-delay';

function MyComponent() {
  const [{ loading }] = useFetch('http://example.com');

  // options are optional, and default to these values
  const showSpinner = useSpinDelay(loading, { delay: 500, minDuration: 200 });

  if (showSpinner) {
    return <Spinner />;

  // ...

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