Template string (ES6) builder for SQL.

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Template string builder for SQL.

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Key features

  • tag based (easily extensible)
  • made with love
  • very simple
  • drop in compatible with pg
  • strongly tested with 100% code coverage


var SQL = require('sql-template');

pg(SQL`SELECT * FROM foo`)
  {text: 'SELECT * FROM foo', values: []} 

pg(SQL`SELECT * FROM foo WHERE age > ${22}`)
  {text: 'SELECT * FROM foo WHERE age > $1 ', values: [22]} 

Tags (transformers) list


pg(SQL`SELECT * FROM foo $where${ {name:'John doe'} }`)
  {text: 'SELECT * FROM foo WHERE "name" = $1 ', values: ["John doe"]} 

pg(SQL`SELECT * FROM foo $where${ {id: [1,2,3], type:'snow'} }`)
  {text: 'SELECT * FROM foo WHERE "id" IN($1,$2,$3) AND "type"=$4 ', values: [1,2,3,"snow"]} 


pg(SQL`UPDATE foo $set${ {joe: 22, bar: 'ok'} }`)
  {text: 'UPDATE foo SET "joe"=$1,"bar"=$2', values: [22, 'ok']}


pg(SQL`INSERT INTO foo $keys${["joe", "bar"]} VALUES (${22}, ${'ok'})}`)
  {text: 'INSERT INTO foo ("joe", "bar") VALUES ($1,$2), values: [22, 'ok']}


pg(SQL`INSERT INTO foo (joe, bar) $values${ {joe: 22, bar: 'ok'} }`)
  {text: 'INSERT INTO foo (joe, bar) VALUES ($1,$2), values: [22, 'ok']}
const obj = {joe: 22, bar: 'ok'};
pg(SQL`INSERT INTO foo $keys${Object.keys(obj)} $values${obj}`)
  {text: 'INSERT INTO foo ("joe","bar") VALUES ($1,$2), values: [22, 'ok']}

or use the SQL.insert static api.


pg(SQL`SELECT * FROM $id${'foo'}`)
  {text: 'SELECT * FROM "foo"', values: []}


pg(SQL`SELECT * FROM foo WHERE id $in${[1,2,3]}`)
  {text: `SELECT * FROM foo WHERE id IN($1,$2,$3)', values: [1,2,3]}

Note that transformers internaly use ?: as parameter placeholder, per jsonb compliance.

Static API


pq(SQL.insert('foo', {joe: 22, bar: 'ok'}))
  {text: 'INSERT INTO foo ("joe","bar") VALUES ($1,$2), values: [22, 'ok']}

SQL.search_blob (search_field, expression)

Compute a smart query expression.


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