sqlcmd for PostgreSQL

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sqlcmd for PostgreSQL.

npm install --save sqlcmd-pg

Or in your package.json:

{ ...
  "dependencies": {
    "sqlcmd-pg": "*",

Supports PostgreSQL, via pg.


With options object:

var sqlcmd = require('sqlcmd-pg');

var db = new sqlcmd.Connection({
  host: 'localhost',
  user: 'chbrown',
  database: 'friends',

You can also use the connection string format:

var db = new sqlcmd.Connection('postgres://chbrown@localhost/friends')

However, you must create the connection with the options object if you want to use any of the administrative helpers.

Administrative helpers

The following helpers use the same connection options that were specified when creating the db connection, except it will connect to PostgreSQL's special postgres database instead of the database ("friends") we specified.

  • databaseExists checks if the database exists by looking at the pg_catalog.pg_database table.
  • createDatabase issues a CREATE DATABASE ... command.
  • dropDatabase issues a DROP DATABASE ... command.

These commands are all unsafe; they are vulnerable to SQL injection via the database name.


Copyright 2015 Christopher Brown. MIT Licensed.