Module to calculate a SRI hash of a file

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sri-calc is a simple module to generate SRI hashes of files, which then can be used to implement sub-resource integrity.

This module was inspired by odino/node-sri, but it operates differently:

  • it does not require a Linux environment;
  • it uses NodeJS Crypto API instead of launching an external process to calculate a digest


npm install --save sri-calc


Using the module is pretty straightforward, as you can use it both with callbacks:

const sri = require('sri-calc');

sri.hash('/path/to/my/file.js', (err, hash) => {
  if (err) {
    throw err;

  console.log('The hash is', hash);

and with promises:

const sri = require('sri-calc');

  .then(hash => console.log('The hash is', hash))
  .catch(err => console.log(err))


The first parameter of sri.hash() can either be a name of the file to process, or an object with the following configuration options:

  • hash: digest to use, the default value is sha256. In theory you can use any digest supported by crypto.createHash, but the specification allows only for sha256, sha384, and sha512.
  • prefix: if true (default), the name of the digest algorithm will be prepended to the digest value, i.e., sha512-z4PhNX7vuL3xVChQ1m2AB9Yg5AULVxXcg/SpIdNs6c5H0NE8XYXysP+DGNKHfuwvY7kxvUdBeoGlODJ6+SfaPg==.
  • file: name of the file to process
sri.hash({file: '/path/to/my/file.js', algo: 'sha512', prefix: false}) // z4PhNX7vuL3xVChQ1m2AB9Yg5AULVxXcg/SpIdNs6c5H0NE8XYXysP+DGNKHfuwvY7kxvUdBeoGlODJ6+SfaPg==


Have mocha installed and run npm test