scuttlebot plugin for getting reduced state based on the author's social graph

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scuttlebot plugin for indexing reduced state based on the author's social graph.


This module exports a function that takes some options as an argument. It then returns a plugin that provides certain indexes determined by those options (see the API section below).

const Server = require('scuttlebot')
const config = { ... } // needs options

// Install the plugin
  .use(require('ssb-backlinks')) // required if not using ssb-db2
    namespace: 'edits',
    type: 'update',
    destField: 'root'

// Start the server
const server = Server(config)

In this fictional example, we'd pick up messages of form:

  type: 'update',
  root: '%aleq2po323j12j3s1l2j3s123z',
  update: {
    title: 'Scuttle Camp ~~One~~ Two'

and provide social index methods at server.edits[METHOD]


The function exported by this module takes an option object with three mandatory fields:

  namespace: 'foo',
  type: 'bar',
  destField: 'baz'

These options will produce a plugin named 'foo' that indexes over messages of type 'bar', matching dest arguments in the provided functions against a field called 'baz' on the 'bar' messages.

For all exposed functions, the dest argument must be a FeedId/MessageId.

After calling the exported plugin with all options set to 'about', you get a plugin with the following API.

server.about.socialValue({ key, dest }, cb)

Where dest is a FeedId/ MessageId which is being described by some about messages, and key is the specific about property you want to know e.g.

server.about.socialValue({ key: 'name', dest: '@3r4+IyB5NVl2in6QOZHIu9oSrZud+NuVgl2GX3x2WG8=.ed25519' }, (err, value) => {
  // => 'Richard'

The default algorithm for the socialValue is based of the following priorities:

  1. the most recent value I have set for that dest/ key (if it exists)
  2. the most recent value that the 'owner' dest set for that key (if they've self assigned it)
  3. the most recent + 'popular' value for the dest / key (from all data in your network)

You can however provide your own custom algorithm using the option getSocialValue. (See code for details)

server.about.latestValue({ key, dest }, cb)

Same as socialValue, except only gets the most recent value that's been announced by anyone for this dest / key

server.about.socialValues({ key, dest }, cb)

Returns the most abouts for all people who have published things for this key / dest

server.about.socialValues({ key: 'name', dest: '@3r4+IyB5NVl2in6QOZHIu9oSrZud+NuVgl2GX3x2WG8=.ed25519' }, (err, values) => {
  // => {
     '@3r4+IyB5NVl2in6QOZHIu9oSrZud+NuVgl2GX3x2WG8=.ed25519': 'Richard',
     '@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519': 'Dick'

server.about.latestValues({ keys, dest }, cb)

NOTE - takes keys an Array of properties to return about a dest Uses the same algorithm as latestValue, except you can get more than one value at once.


server.about.latestValues({ keys: ['title', 'image', 'location'], dest: '%Z1Kk8Aj8Bnw5+t4d73kRPHMA0Nj2bL1bx7n7obZhVZg=.sha256' }, (err, values) => {
  // => {
    title: 'Picnic Birthday Party',
    image: '&asrg0Mb/w3lLC+yZIJr/4aY0nkWT9Wn+32zrqhaIvy4=.sha256',
    location: 'Scorching Bay'

server.about.socialValueStream({ key, dest }) => source

Similar to socialValue, except served over a stream. If the value changes a new value is sent down the stream

  server.about.socialValueStream({ key: 'avatar', dest: '@3r4+IyB5NVl2in6QOZHIu9oSrZud+NuVgl2GX3x2WG8=.ed25519' }),
  pull.drain(avatar => {
    // => '&asrg0Mb/w3lLC+yZIJr/4aY0nkWT9Wn+32zrqhaIvy4=.sha256'
    // (later) => '&gwEYOFxfKxHSviAqeGub34eOIGXuuwn3G6odVNW9UtQ=.sha256'

server.about.socialValuesStream({ key, dest }) => source

Similar to socialValues, except served over a stream. If the values change only the new values are emitted.

  server.about.socialValueStream({ key: 'name', dest: '@3r4+IyB5NVl2in6QOZHIu9oSrZud+NuVgl2GX3x2WG8=.ed25519' }),
  pull.drain(title => {
    // => {
    //   '@3r4+IyB5NVl2in6QOZHIu9oSrZud+NuVgl2GX3x2WG8=.ed25519': 'Richard',
    //   '@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519': 'Dick'
    // }
    // (later) => {
    //   '@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519': 'Rich'
    // }

server.about.latestValueStream({ key, dest, authorId = null }) => source

Same as latestValue expect a stream. First value emitted is the current value, subsequent are new values.

  server.about.socialValueStream({ key: 'title', dest: '%Z1Kk8Aj8Bnw5+t4d73kRPHMA0Nj2bL1bx7n7obZhVZg=.sha256' }),
  pull.drain(title => {
    // => 'Picnic Birthday Party'
    // (later) => 'Beach Party'

If authorId is present, this provides a stream of values for a particular dest key, as asserted by that particular authorId{ reverse = false, limit, live, old, dest }) => source

A stream of all about messages that target dest