Test your Markdown files for Standard JavaScript Style™

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Test your Markdown files for Standard JavaScript Style™


npm install standard-markdown --save



This module works just like standard, but instead of linting javascript files, it lints GitHub-Flavored js and javascript code blocks inside markdown files.

Lint everything in the current directory:


Or lint some other directory:

standard-markdown some/other/directory

All files with .md or .markdown extension are linted, and the following directories are ignored:

  • .git
  • node_modules
  • vendor

If you want to specify which files to lint / which files to ignore you can use glob patterns

# This will lint everything in some/directory except everything in some/directory/api
standard-markdown some/directory **/*.md !api/**/*.md

# You also don't need to specify CWD to use globs
# This will only lint markdown file in the current directory
standard-markdown *.md


This module also provides the ability to automatically fix common syntax issues like extra semicolons, bad whitespacing, etc. This functionality is provided by standard.

standard-markdown some/directory --fix

Once the module has attempted to fix all your issues it will run the linter on the generated files so you can see how much it fixed.


This module disables certain rules that were considered inappropriate for linting JS blocks:

See #2, #18, and #19 for reasons.

For more examples of what is and isn't allowed, see the clean and dirty test fixtures.


npm install
npm test


  • commander: The complete solution for node.js command-line programs
  • globby: Extends glob with support for multiple patterns and exposes a Promise API
  • standard: JavaScript Standard Style

Dev Dependencies

  • tap-spec: Formatted TAP output like Mocha's spec reporter
  • tape: tap-producing test harness for node and browsers