Client library for statsum

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Statsum Client for Node.js

A Javascript client library for statsum.


let Statsum = require('statsum');

// Create a client object
let configurer = async (project) => {
  // this might be fetched remotely, for example
  return {
    // project name to which stats should be sent
    project: 'example-project',
    // base URL (hostname only) of the statsum server
    // NOTE: this is unrelated to the taskcluster "baseUrl"
    baseUrl: '',
    // access token
    token: 'KEY',
    // expiration date (before which configurer will be called again)
    expires: new Date().toJSON()
let statsum = new Statsum(configurer, {project: 'test'});

// Send metrics
statsum.count('my-counter', 1);
statsum.measure('my-timer', 500);

// Create a child client (enforcing a prefix)
let child = statsum.prefix('child');
child.count('my-counter', 1); // submitted as ''
child.measure('my-timer', 500); // submitted as ''

// Send tagged metrics
statsum.measure({region: 'us-west-1', method: 'get'}, 542);
// Will be reported 4  time, the equivalent of:
statsum.measure('region:us-west-1.method:get',  542);
statsum.measure('all-region.method:get',        542);
statsum.measure('region:us-west-1.all-method',  542);
statsum.measure('all-region.all-method',        542);
// Use this feature with care, too many tags and the number of metrics explodes.