simple isomorfic logger that uses console transport

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A simple isomorphic logger, that uses console transport.

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Platform Status

To use library you need to have node and npm installed in your machine:

  • node >=10
  • npm >=6

Package is continuously tested on darwin, linux, win32 platforms. All active and maintenance LTS node releases are supported.


To install the library run the following command

  npm i --save stdlogger

Simple usage

import logger from 'stdlogger';

logger.log('some text');

logger.log('debug', 'some debug text');
logger.log('verbose', 'some verbose text');
logger.log('info', 'some info text');
logger.log('error', 'some error text');

logger.debug('some debug text');
logger.verbose('some verbose text');'some info text');
logger.error('some error text');

Advanced usage

import { Logger } from 'stdlogger';

const logger = new Logger({
    level  : 'info',
    format : 'json'

logger.log({ object: true });


Make the changes to the code and tests. Then commit to your branch. Be sure to follow the commit message conventions. Read Contributing Guidelines for details.