A RESTfull interface for STOMP

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A REST-full interface for a STOMP-queue (e.g. ActiveMQ);


Do not use this api for production, it is built for testing purposes (i.e. no proper exception handling).

How does it work

You can subscribe to a queue or a topic, publish (put) messages and show all received messages.

You need to specify the following environment variables:

    host=<hostname of the queue>
    port=<the STOMP port>

Running in docker

    docker build -t stomp-api .
    docker run -it --rm -p 3000:3000 --name stomp-api-service -e host=<queue host> -e port=<stomp port> stomp-api

API by example

To subscribe to a queue (this will start buffering all incoming messages): PUT the following application/json to URL: localhost:3000/queues/subscriptions

    "queue": "test"

To publish to a queue: PUT the following application/json to URL: localhost:3000/queues/test

    "message": "Test message"

To get all messages received (since subscribing) from a queue: GET the following URL: localhost:3000/queues/test This will empty the message buffer.

These examples also apply for topics.