A backend for a stonesoup-style directory

Usage no npm install needed!

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This is a start at rewriting, the directory software that runs the website.

This is a backend only. A demo frontend is available at

To run the backend, get a data commons database and place it at backend/stonesoup.sqlite3. If you don't have one, you can copy a small demo db:

cp data/stonesoup.sqlite3 stonesoup.sqlite3


npm i
npm start

The backend will be serving on localhost:5555

The most exhaustive information about the api can be found in the tests in test/test_api.ts.

GET /api/search

Search database for the given keyword, returning a list of organizations. See common parameters.


  • /api/search?key=philz
  • /api/search?key=coffee&city=Brooklyn

Returns a list of organizations.

GET /api/map

As for the search endpoint, but returns a list of coordinates as opposed to organizations. Example:

  • /api/map?key=coffee&state=CA

GET /api/orgs/:id

Fetch information about an organization by ids returned in searches.

GET /api/[city|state|country|zip|tag|team]

Gets a list of cities, states, countries etc. Can be filtered by a prefix:

  • /api/city?state=NY
  • /api/city?state=NY&optionPrefix=i

GET|POST /api/orgs/:id/grouped

Fetch information about an organization by id. Gives back a list of entries that have been grouped with that organization.

POST method accepts a json body of the same form as /api/search, and returns only entries that are grouped with the specified organization and that also meet the search criteria.

Common parameters

All the endpoints below can accept a set of parameters, either as query parameters in a GET, or as json fields in a POST. As JSON, the parameters are passed as follows:

  key?: string[],
  city?: string[],
  state?: string[],
  country?: string[],
  around?: [number, number, number, 'km'|'mile'];  // latitude, longitude, distance, unit,
  tag: string[],
  tags: {[kind: 'Sector'|'LegalStructure'|...]: string[]},

As query parameters, the same fields are passed. If the field begins with the character '[' it is interpreted as json. Otherwise, it is split on the character ';' and treated as a list of strings.

All parameters are optional, and can be combined freely and efficiently.

Tags that start with ! are treated as tags to exclude.

GET /...

Any material placed in a website subdirectory will be served. So the single-page application in stonesouper_demo_frontend can be placed here when compiled to make a standalone webserver.