common middleware for various storj services

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Storj Service Middleware

Common Express middleware for various Storj services.

$ npm install storj-service-middleware --save
var Storage = require('storj-service-storage-models');
var db = new Storage({ /* config */ });
var middleware = require('storj-service-middleware');
var app = require('express')();


Rate Limiter

Instantiate the rate limiter with a redis client client and your express app app

const app = express();
const client = require('redis').createClient();
const limiter = middleware.rateLimiter(client);

Then, you can use limiter as middleware and pass it an options object.

app.get('/route', limiter({
  lookup: function(req) {
    return [req.user._id, req.connection.remoteAddress]
  onRateLimited: function(req, res, next) {'user rate limited', req.user);
    return next(new errors.BadRequestError('Slow down, dude.'));
  total: 150,
  expire: 1000 * 60 // 150 requests a minute allowed
  }), function(req, res) {


Redis must be running for the tests to work. The easiest way to get an instance running is via Docker.

$ docker run --name redis -p 6379:6379 -d redis

Then, npm test will kick off the test suite for you.


Credit for much of the rate limiter code goes to released under the MIT license.

All other code released under AGPLv3.