Dash.js wrapper for easy-peasy usage

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import streamCentrePlayer from '';



Player for video streams in StreamCentre by Qoollo.


In Browser

  1. Install
    npm install stream-centre-player
  2. Use
    //  if you use browserify
    var Player = require("stream-centre-player");
    var videoElement = document.getElementById('video-player'),
        player = new Player(videoElement),
        url = '';
    <!-- If you just include script on your page -->
    <script src="/node_modules/stream-centre-player/player.js"></script>
        var videoElement = document.getElementById('video-player'),
            player = new Qoollo.StreamCentre.Player(videoElement),
            url = '';

In Browser embedded into C# app (e.g. CefSharp with MSE)

Don't ask me where to get CefSharp with MSE. I had to compile it myself. MSE (Media Source Extensions) are mandatory - these are codecs to actually play video. But if you are here, so here's the way.

  1. Install
    Install-Package Qoollo.StreamCentre.Player
  2. Serve files. I use Qoollo.SharpHttpServer for that.
  3. Add CefSharp's WebBrowser control to your window and navigate to served player.html file.
  4. Call js from C# and subscribe for callbacks if you need.
    //  call js from C#
    chromiumWebBrowser.GetBrowser().MainFrame.ExecuteJavaScriptAsync(code); // chromiumWebBrowser is CefSharp.Wpf.ChromiumWebBrowser
    //  subscribe for callbacks from js to C#
    class BrowserCallback
        public object Call(string method, Dictionary<string, object> arg)
            //  handle call from js
    chromiumWebBrowser.RegisterJsObject("BrowserCallback", new BrowserCallback());


Just run default gulp task to start dev server with live reload.


All the source code is located at src/ directory. Everything in dist/ directory is being overwritten on build, so don't do anything there.

Currently StreamCentre supports MPEG-DASH video streams, so dash.js is used under the hood. Source code is written in TypeScript and typings for dash.js at src/dashjs.d.ts are written by me and, of course, those typings only cover tiny percent of dash.js. You should see dash.js API docs for actual dash.js APIs and add missing typings to src/dashjs.d.ts if you need.

TODO: add src/dashjs.d.ts to typings registry.

How to publish NuGet and npm packages

The following command builds and pushes npm and NuGet packages.

gulp publish

Pushing NuGet package requires NuGet Gallery API key. You should setup your local environment to know this key before publishing package.

node_modules/nuget/bin/NuGet.exe setApiKey YOUR_API_KEY

You can get YOUR_API_KEY at