StrongLoop API Gateway

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Deprecation Notice

NOTE: StrongLoop Gateway strong-gateway is deprecated as of 03/22/2016.

After IBM’s acquisition of StrongLoop, we have integrated strong-gateway with the latest product offering from IBM called API Connect. IBM API Connect is a complete solution that addresses all aspects of the API lifecycle, for both on-premises and cloud environments. It offers comprehensive capabilities to create, run, manage, secure and monetize APIs and microservices. Delivering an unparalleled, integrated user experience, it enables rapid deployment and simplified administration of APIs.

The new apiconnect-microgateway is the enforcement secure component of API Connect. It is fundamentally a proxy, securing and forwarding requests to backend APIs. API Connect Micro Gateway was created using StrongLoop technology and a series of middleware components. The package is customized to work with the API Connect infrastructure that automatically communicates with the micro gateway to dynamically load APIs, Products, and Plans so that APIs are secured and processed in a seamless fashion.

Learn more about API Connect at


The StrongLoop API Gateway, strong-gateway, enables you to externalize, secure, and manage APIs. The API gateway is an intermediary between API consumers (clients) and API servers.


Basic features

The StrongLoop API Gateway's features include:

  • HTTPS: Ensure all communication is done securely via HTTPS.
  • OAuth 2.0 authentication and authorization: Authenticate client applications and authorize them to access protected endpoints with approval from resource owners.
  • Rate limiting: control how many requests can be made within a given time period for identified api consumers.
  • Reverse proxy: forward the requests to the server that hosts the api endpoint


The module is licensed under StrongLoop Subscription Agreement.

Please run slc arc --licenses and log in with your user to check if you have a valid license to use StrongLoop API Gateway.