CLI tool for switching your npmrc config between different registry servers

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CLI tool for working with multiple npm registry servers.


  • Manage named registry configurations (e.g. private, staging).
  • Switch your npm between different registries, taking care of per-registry settings like auth credentials or cache location.
  • Promote (re-publish) an already published package to another registry.

Quick start

$ npm install -g strong-registry
$ sl-registry


See the official StrongLoop command line interface documentation for detailed usage instructions.


How is this different than npmrc?

npmrc switches complete npm configurations by swapping your npmrc file.

strong-registry rewrites only the registry-related configuration settings.

Implementation overview

On the first run, a directory $HOME/.strong-registry is created to keep the configuration files.

For each configuration, there is an ini file with the same name as the configuration name (e.g. default.ini). The configuration file keeps all registry-specific options.

When switching between registries, the npmrc file is modified and all registry-specific options are replaced with the configured values.