The bootstrap alert component created with styled-components

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The bootstrap alert component made with styled-components

This is a modular approach to use bootstrap components for quick prototypes, as an entrypoint of your own component library, or if you need just one bootstrap component for your application.


npm install --save styled-alert-component
npm install --save styled-components@^4.1.3 react@^16.7.0 # Peer dependencies


For detailed information with examples take a look at the documentation.

// import { Alert } from 'styled-bootstrap-components';
import { Alert } from 'styled-alert-component';

const SuccessAlert = (props) => (
  <Alert success>Well done!</Alert>

Import components from styled-bootstrap-component if you have it installed.


Properties which can be added to the component to change the visual appearance.

  • noRadius Type: boolean
  • pill Type: boolean
  • primary Type: boolean
  • secondary Type: boolean
  • success Type: boolean
  • danger Type: boolean
  • warning Type: boolean
  • info Type: boolean
  • light Type: boolean
  • dark Type: boolean


MIT © Lukas Aichbauer